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Clinical Nutrition

The brand of choice for top doctors and their patients, AmeriSciences® offers a range of medical-grade nutritional solutions.

Patients appreciate the simplicity of a single formula that caters to their specific area of concern; and clinicians benefit from an evidence-based product they can trust because it is manufactured using better-than-pharmaceutical standards, including key Space Program Spinoff proprietary technologies such as:

Pharma-IQ™ Mission-Critical Quality System, ensuring purity, potency and consistency

BioRelease™ Total Dissolution Technology, ensuring optimal bioavailability.

OS2® The Ocular Support Solution

Co-developed by flight surgeons and leading vision specialists to protect eyesight, improve tear lubrication and night vision, and reduce eye strain from computer devices.*

Stethoscope Over Cardiogram
The Ocular Support Solution
Omega Max

Distilled fish oil encapsulated with BioRelease™ enteric coating technology to reduce unpleasant reflux, and formulated with Triglyceride-n3 form to maximize absorption.

Stethoscope Over Cardiogram
Omega Max Fish Oil Supplement

Taking calcium supplements alone can increase the risk of heart disease and atherosclerosis. Osteo BHR takes a holistic approach by incorporating a complete suite of building blocks and nutrients that impact skeletal health.*

Stethoscope Over Cardiogram
Osteo BHR front 600x600 PNG.png
Joint Ease

Supplies key building blocks of cartilage for joint repair, and promotes lubrication to support movement.*

Stethoscope Over Cardiogram
Joint Ease MSM Supplement
Prostate Plus

This exclusive formula supports urinary function, significantly improves flow, and may help protect the prostate gland against age-related changes.*

Stethoscope Over Cardiogram
Prostate Plus Saw Palmetto Supplement

Sleep is a premium bedtime supplement that naturally supplies cofactors and antioxidants for repair, plus soothing herbs to ease the mind, help the body recover and wake up fully alert.*

Stethoscope Over Cardiogram
Sleep Melatonin Supplement
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