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Space Act Technology


As NASA makes plans to send astronauts on long-duration missions that could take many months and even years, the Agency entered into a Space Act Agreement to jointly develop nutritional technologies with our scientists.


Over the past decade, these efforts have produced innovative techniques that increase bioavailability, improve product quality, and may soon lead to breakthroughs in countermeasure development. These achievements were featured in NASA's prestigious publication, SPINOFF.

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The Nugevity Difference

Unparalleled dissolution, bioavailability and nutrient delivery

Mission-critical, medical-grade technologies that surpass industry standards

Key collaborations with world-renowned academic and research institutions, including the US military and NASA

How do you define healthcare?

Nugevity understands that modern medicine is about much more than a prescription pad and an exam room. 


Your health can be affected by a number of different factors: genetics, physical activity, sleep, and of course dietary habits.


Nugevity strives to research and develop evidence-based nutritional tools that clinicians can integrate into their broader practice. We don’t believe in panaceas or miracle cures.


That’s why doctors across North America trust Nugevity, and so should you.

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"The days of one-size-fits-all nutrition are over. Whether you are a doctor in search of a medical-grade solution for your patients, or an active adult looking to feel and stay young, Nugevity has a product just for you."

- Carlos Montesinos

Chief Scientist & Managing Director

Carlos A Montesinos
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