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It all began with a simple idea: Getting the right nutrition shouldn’t be rocket science.

Nugevity has its roots as a leading provider of nutraceutical technologies, services and solutions to the biomedical sector. We partner with healthcare professionals, research institutions and government agencies to advance discovery and facilitate patient access to ethical dietary supplements, as part of an integrative care model.

Over the past decade, our scientists have worked with NASA’s Johnson Space Center in Houston to develop nutritional technologies, and research their potential to enhance health. Under the auspice of a Space Act Agreement, these co-developed systems have been flown aboard both Space Shuttle, and International Space Station missions.

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We provide unparalleled dietary support for those with the highest standards

Nugevity was founded to share these discoveries and make them available to clinicians and patients around the world. We research the human body at its extremes - in the toughest of environments. And we apply those mission-critical insights to improve your life, your athletic performance, your health. That’s the difference between making supplements, and making a difference.

Nugevity is also the research and development partner to top doctors, professional and Olympic athletes and their coaches; military and mission-critical organizations. We provide unparalleled dietary support for those with the highest standards: people who push their bodies to the limit and demand the most from their lives in pursuit of their best selves and dreams. Come and join us on this journey to optimal health.

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