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Superior Manufacturing

Zero room for error

In a highly unregulated industry plagued with controversy and poor quality controls, Nugevity developed Pharma-IQ™ as a total quality program that ensures consistency, predictability, safety and efficacy.

Modeled after pharmaceutical quality control systems, Pharma-IQ™ goes several steps beyond current Good Manufacturing Practices, and requires extensive batch controls, ingredient testing, potency assays and record-keeping, to name a few – often exceeding existing requirements for pharmaceutical products.

We do this because it is not enough sufficient to have the best evidence-based formulations if your manufacturing capabilities are unable to deliver a consistent product that is quality-assured with strict standards.

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Learn how Pharma-IQ™ keeps you safe in a poorly regulated industry.

Key aspects of our proprietary Pharma-IQ™ Mission-Critical Quality System:

  • Better-Than-Pharmaceutical standards

  • Strict documentation controls

  • Required laboratory analysis of every ingredient, for every product, every time

  • Contaminant and purity testing

  • Third-party validation

  • Periodic auditing of instrumentation and facilities

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