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AS 10®

Healthy Aging & Lifestyle

Environmental stressors can lead to premature signs of aging. Nowhere is this more significant than during spaceflight. Our research collaboration with the Space Program begun with a Space Act Agreement, and has over the years led to advancements in the understanding of such aging mechanisms. As a result, Nugevity scientists have co-developed nutritional countermeasures that can protect the body and improve physical as well as mental performance.

AS 10® brand products are the ultimate SPINOFF technology: Healthy aging solutions developed for the harshest environmental stressors in the universe, now within your reach.

For the discerning adult looking to stay young, active and sharp, AS 10® is the answer.

AS 10
AS 10® Life

Co-developed with NASA and clinically researched for over a decade, AS 10® Life is the most advanced anti-aging supplement in the world.*

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AS 10 Life Multivitamin Supplement
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