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Maximum Dissolution

Superior Bioavailability

Nugevity understands that potency is irrelevant without bioavailability. In other words, what’s on the label means nothing unless it can be released and absorbed.

Since dietary supplements are regulated as foodstuffs, current FDA guidelines do not require companies to test their products for dissolution. Dissolution is a critical laboratory analysis that determines whether a tablet is able to release its active components into your body, and is required by the US Pharmacopeia for most solid medications. It is considered a benchmark measurement of bioavailability.

Independent peer-reviewed studies have shown that dietary supplements consistently fail to release their ingredients. In many instances, tablets release only a small fraction of the labeled quantity, if at all.

Given the mission-critical nature of our formulations, Nugevity has developed a way to maximize bioavailability, target nutrient delivery, and ensure the highest dissolution possible. Our proprietary Biorelease™ Delivery Technology represents a major advancement in nutraceutical science, and is unique to the industry.

BioRelease dissolution profile
Nugevity products featuring BioRelease™ Technology consistently achieve a dissolution rate of 95% or more

While the pharmaceutical standard for tablet dissolution is 75% of the labeled amount, Nugevity products featuring BioRelease™ Technology consistently achieve a dissolution rate of 95% or more, ensuring that virtually all of the nutrients are fully released and bioavailable – a feat that is unparalleled in the world of nutritional supplementation.

BioRelease™ minimizes the use of lubricants and artificial excipients that interfere with dissolution. These excipients are often utilized to speed up industrial production and extend the life of factory equipment.

BioRelease™ focuses on optimal nutrient selection. For example, our products are formulated with only food-based chelated minerals. Most commercial products use inexpensive artificial mineral salts that are difficult to assimilate and can carry a risk of toxicity.

Subpar tablet dissolution

Competitor pills, undissolved after 3 days

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