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Custom Solutions


Formulation & Product Development

Solutions tailored to your market

Do you have a product idea? Let our formulation scientists develop and customize a product from start to finish, specifically for your market.


From formula development, to piloting, to label design, our in-house team of specialists can guide you through the entire process, including product registration for foreign markets.

Business Team

Product Registration Support

Our regulatory compliance team has helped importers and distributors register natural health products in over 40 countries around the globe.


Whether you need only a Certificate of Free Sale or a complete product dossier, Nugevity can support your pre-approval, licensing, and registration efforts.

Private Labeling

Nugevity also has a number of previously researched and developed formulations that could be readily incorporated into a portfolio of products on-demand, including sports nutrition supplements, electrolyte beverage mixes, carbohydrate metabolism agents, and weight control formulas.


Each of these products incorporate Nugevity’s proprietary manufacturing technologies, allowing your product line to stand out from the competition.

Custom Manufacturing

Nugevity can manufacture your new or existing product at one of our state-of-the-art partner facilities, using NASA co-developed technologies that add unparalleled value to any product.

In collaboration with the NASA Johnson Space Center, our scientists developed Pharma-IQ™, a total quality program that ensures consistency, predictability, safety and efficacy for every product we manufacture. We also co-developed BioRelease™, a proprietary spinoff technology that ensures consistently high dissolution rates and superior bioavailability.

Having Nugevity as your manufacturing partner allows you to leverage these value-added technologies, and improves the marketability of your products.

Contact us today to discuss your custom project.
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